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  • whole lace wig
  • whole lace wig
  • whole lace wig
whole lace wigwhole lace wigwhole lace wig

whole lace wig

  • Whole Lace Wig
  • 180% Density
  • Product description:
Hair length: 8-26 inches
Hair Color - Natural Black
Baby Hair - Baby Hair All Around Perimeter, same as hair texture
Lace Material: Swiss Lace
Hair Density: 180%
Single knots in the front hairline for a more natural look
Double knots in the rest of the hair for a more durable wig
Freestyle - Means you can Part Anywhere!!!

TANGLE FREE cuticles are in one direction does not tangle and lasts longer 

VIRGIN HUMAN HAIR - Highest grade straight from the donors head
SHINE & LUSTER - Natural shine and luster are retained 
LONGEVITY – Lasts longer than any other hair

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