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Tape Hair Extensions

  • Double Drawn #Pink Tape Hair
  • Double Drawn #Pink Tape Hair
Double Drawn #Pink Tape HairDouble Drawn #Pink Tape Hair

Double Drawn #Pink Tape Hair

  • Total 100 grams
  • 100% Virgin Hair & Cuticle
  • Double Drawn Hair
  • Full Hand Made Time 7 Days
  • Product description: Double drawn #pink color tape hair extensions,each piece 2.5g,total 40 pcs total 100 grams.

Double Drawn Tape Hair Extenions.

Hair Materal:100% Virgin Hair, Unprocessed Hair.

Order Details:Hairs almost all the same length and thick from top to bottom.

Hair Weight:One piece 2.5g,per pack 2.5gX40 pcs=100g.

Hair Color:#Pink We accept customized all color according to customer demands.

Made by 100% virgin hair,it retains 100% cuticle and aligned in same direction when 

Not processed or subjected to harsh chemicals,it return to its original curl from after washing or wetting.

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