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Virgin Hair Wefts

  • Hair Weft #6
  • Hair Weft #6
Hair Weft #6Hair Weft #6

Hair Weft #6

  • Double Drawn Hair Weft
  • 100% Human Hair
  • Full Cuticle
  • Color:#6
  • Product description: Double Drawn Hair Weft #6

Double Drawn Human Hair Weft.

Hair Materal:100% Virgin Hair, Unprocessed Hair.

Order Details:Hairs almost all the same length and thick from top to bottom.

Hair Weight:100g.

Hair Color:We accept customized all color according to customer demands.

Made by 100% virgin hair,it retains 100% cuticle and aligned in same direction when 

Not processed or subjected to harsh chemicals,it return to its original curl from after washing or wetting.

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